For information about our 1/8 beef bundle please visit our home page. 

(Available throughout the year, but if a bundle ingredient is not immediately available substitutions can be made)



100% Grassfed Beef

4 Packs Hot Dogs

12# Ground Beef Patties

6# Italian Sausage

4 Packs Hawaiian Brats

4 Packs Santa Fe Brats

4 Packs Philly Cheese Brats

(Substitutions of brats are ok if available)


100% Grassfed Beef

35# Premium Ground Beef

Our premium ground beef contains the whole steer, steaks are included in the grind.

This blend gives you unparalleled quality and taste.

Most economical way to buy our ground beef.

Beef Steak

100% Grassfed Beef / Pork

12# Ground Beef

3# Premium Steaks

(Ribeye, strip &/or sirloin)

2-3# Beef Roast

3# Pork Chops

3# Pork Roast

3- Pork Shoulder Steaks

3# Ham

3# Maple Breakfast Sausage

3# Sausage Patties

3# Italian Sausage


   If you are looking for a clean source of quality protein and healthy fat, our paleo style bundles may be just what you're looking for. They are full of "Naturally Good Food" from Green Vista Farm in a convenient assortment that will fit in most any freezer. 

  Whether it's breakfast time, a weekend cookout or your turn to host the holiday gathering, our bundles are designed to give you plenty of options at an affordable price. Check them out above and order yours today by clicking on the "Order Now" banner above, emailing us from the "contact us" page or by calling Jon at (330) 464-4358.

 * Bundle orders are typically prepay only

Due to freezer capacity and other constraints, substitutions in bundle contents are not readily available.