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  "For although they knew God, they neither glorified Him as God nor gave thanks to Him, but their thinking became futile and their foolish hearts were darkened"

Romans 1:21

   Part of Paul's warning about the actions of men in his letter to the Christian church in Rome prior to his visit, which was predominantly Gentile but evidently contained a fair number of Jews

 Our beef cattle are 100% grassfed to finish and we harvest the spring flush of grass to feed in the winter after the animals finish their last grazing pass. Doing that gives us the ability to schedule beef slaughter throughout the year.

  We are currently sold out at least into fall on custom beef orders and are temporarily suspending scheduling on specific dates until we can reassess later in the year. If you are in no hurry and would like to get our 100% grassfed beef please email us (via the "Contact Us" page, not just adding your name to the email list for periodic updates) and we can put you on a waiting list.

We have no on farm store for retail sales

Always your local source of 100% Grassfed Beef & Amish raised Antibiotic & GMO Free Pork

Located near Wooster, in Northeast Ohio, Green Vista Farm provides 100% grassfed beef along with non GMO, antibiotic and ractopamine free pork throughout Ohio, including the local communities of Medina, Cleveland, Akron - Canton and South to the Columbus vicinity.

Naturally Good Food

       $100 off    

whole hog when you purchase a whole beef

half or whole hog when you purchase a half beef

       $50   off    

Save with Green Vista Farm when you order beef and pork together

          In an effort to help keep our offerings available to you, our customers, and also help our small farm Amish pig growers, we have initiated what the big companies would call a "loyalty rewards program". If you purchase a portion of beef, we will apply a credit to you towards the cost of a like portion of hog (whole beef=$100 towards whole hog, half beef= $50 towards half or whole hog). 

          We know that food costs continue to rise, so hopefully this can play a small role assisting families that are seeking to include high quality animal protein in their diet.

  The other endeavor we are pursuing is to bring a consistent price back to the small, sustainable Amish farms which this program enables us to bring on board. These farmers are already caring for their animals in a manner Green Vista Farm considers extremely important. Our protocols prohibit the use of ractopamine (a central nervous system stimulant used to promote lean muscle growth) or subtherapeutic antibiotic use. We also mandate feeding entirely GMO free crops to their hogs. This helps to ensure they can realize a fair and consistent return for their good efforts. 

          We take orders all year long for beef and pork. Call if you would like more info. Jon's cell- 330-464-4358

 (for some basic information on Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO's) hover over the "Grassfed Beef" tab then click on the "Organic, non-GMO and other labeling terms" drop down page).