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About Our Pigs

 Green Vista Farm has built a network with neighboring small farms to help us fill the demand for clean, quality pork.

  Our hogs are raised on feed grown free of genetically modified organisms and are never fed or treated with any of the lean muscle growth promoters like ractopamine which is used in commercial hog production. Our hogs are not the fat oriented heritage breeds of years ago but due to our desire to produce pork chops, shoulder steaks and other cuts that retain juiciness on the grill, along with the fact that we don't use steroid type feed additives, they can sometimes carry more fat than a typical commodity hog. Also none of our pork or beef products are "enhanced" with any chemicals or solutions to improve color or increase weight by water retention. 


 GMO, ractopamine & antibiotic free:  whole $2.89/lb. half hog  $2.99/Lb. 

    A half hog will "hang" approximately 100 Lbs. and you will take home about 70% of that once bones and other non-edibles are removed. Price does not include processing or show the beef/pork combo discount. 

Here is a good link about pork carcass cutting and cooking:


gmo free ohio pork
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