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 Freezer Beef Pricing  
 * Scroll down for a freezer beef purchasing example

For ordering or sales questions please contact Jonathan Berger 



grass fed steaks

  * Deposit required to place order. Refundable up to 30 days prior to assigned slaughter date

  $50/ half hog       $100/ whole hog

  $100/ half or quarter beef     $200/ whole beef

100% Grassfed Freezer Beef: $5.50/Lb. hanging weight: purchased direct from Green Vista Farm

You can buy one quarter, two, three or four, the price is the same per pound.

Beef price is based on the hanging weight. Customer pays Canaan Meats directly for the processing when you pick up at their location: 

1679 Old Columbus Rd., Wooster, 44691


Freezer Beef Purchasing Example:

  Green Vista Farm sources calves from a few select producers that follow our protocols and have the genetics in their herd that will work well on our grassfed program. Beef cattle that work well in a 100% grassfed program are smaller than the typical commodity industry and an average carcass hanging weight will be approximately 680 Lbs. (The range is 500-750). This weight is with only the bones, fat, connective tissue and edible meat remaining to hang.

So using a 340 lb. half beef example at $5.50/lb. here is what you would pay:

 340 Lbs. x $5.50 = $1870 (add 3.5% so $1935 if using a credit card to purchaseThat is the total you would pay Green Vista Farm LLC for the beef in this example. (see home page for fee free payment options)

 (This also gives you a $50 credit towards whole or half hog, a whole beef gives you a $100 credit towards a whole hog)

 After final processing with bone and excess fat removed you will take home approximately 65% of the hanging weight as edible meat. (This weight would not include organs or marrow bones which you are entitled to your portion if you choose, just be sure to ask the processor)

Processing is not included in this price but here is an example using Canaan Meats, our custom processor's current pricing schedule:

   Half Beef slaughter fee: $75

   Basic processing: 74 cents/Lb. by hanging weight. This includes dry aging carcass for approximately 2 weeks, cutting out steaks and roasts per your custom order, taking trim to your desired fat content and making into ground beef, vacuum packing, flash freezing and boxing up for you to take home.(Extra costs examples would be cubing steaks at $.50/lb, and vacuum packed patties at $.50/lb in addition to basic processing)


 So in our example 680 lb. carcass if you purchased a half beef and had 20 lbs. of ground beef made into patties it would be:

  $251 (340 lb. x $.74 basic processing) + $75 slaughter fee + $10 (20 x $.50 patty charge) = $336 total- This is what you would pay Canaan Meats in this example for the processing when you pick the packaged, frozen beef up at their location. (E.R.Boliantz in Mansfield also occasionally does some of our custom work and their pricing is similar)

Please call or text Jon at 330-464-4358 or email for more info or to order. 

Here is a good reference for beef carcass information regarding cuts, pounds, storage and freezer size:

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