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Organically Grown

Fair Traded



Coffee by Green Vista Farm LLC is a cooperative effort by the same family that brings you 100% grass fed beef and organically fed pork and chicken. 


 The motivation to start this venture was similar to that which prompted us to get into the healthy meats years ago, a desire to have access to clean, chemical free food that you can trust to have fresh, unparalleled flavor.

 We source fair trade when available, and always organic coffee beans from different areas of the world so that you have the option of subtle flavor tone differences. Typically folks find a roast style and origin they like and tend to be consistent in their choice. We micro roast these small batches on a regular basis to ensure a quality brewed cup. After roasting it takes several days for the coffee to come to full flavor, but after grinding it can lose the strikingly fresh quality that is so enjoyable. This is the reason we believe it is best to have your own personal bean grinder and only prepare what you will want to use each day or two. It is also why we almost exclusively sell whole bean coffee.



Our current offerings include:


Guatemala   - Chocolate, Toffee, Very smooth, Roasted Medium

Sumatra - Herbal, Spices, Roasted Dark

Costa Rica - Sweeter, Tangerine, Honey, Roasted Medium Light 

Ethiopia - Roasted medium, lighter flavor tones, smooth, citrus


All whole bean coffee is sold as 12oz. bags for $10


For multiple bag orders contact us for pricing.

For ordering or sales questions please contact:

Jonathan Berger      Cell: 330-464-4358          


Daniel Berger            Cell: 330-464-4394

David Berger             Cell: 330-465-4029


Since we purchase coffee from many areas of the world, prices on the same coffee can fluctuate due to many factors including, but not limited to: growing conditions, shipping costs including the country of origin's transportation infrastructure, currency fluctuations and seasonality. 

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