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Green Vista Farm Grass Fed Beef Producer Guidelines


  1. No grain feeding from birth to slaughter

  2. No use of growth promotants, (steriods, hormones, ionophores) or prophylactic antibiotics

  3. 100% Bos Taurus beef breeding (no humped cattle) English beef breeds preferred due to carcass merit and finishing ability- Red Angus, Murray Grey, Angus, Devon, Hereford. Dairy breeding does not work in a grass fed to finish program

  4. No herbicides or insecticides applied to hay or pastureland used to feed cattle in program. (spot spraying of noxious weeds acceptable i.e. Multiflora rose, Canada thistle) 

  5. No application of artificial nitrogen on pasture of finishing cattle. Appropriate use example would be building stockpile for cow herd with or without calves at side  

  6. Continuous free choice access to loose (not block) trace minerals including salt

  7. Carcass weight range of 500 to 750 lbs. (exceptions considered upon visual inspection)

  8. Minimum carcass back fat cover of 5/16th inch to insure proper dry aging characteristics

  9. All market animals should have a form of permanent identification. Ex. ear tag, freeze brand

  10. Slaughter age not to exceed 30 months

  11. Males castrated before the age of 12 months

  12. No chemical castraction of males or chemical spraying of females.

  13. Late weaning necessary when in a "no grain" program

  • Adherence to the above guidelines does not guarantee a market suitable animal

  • Please feel free to call and discuss any aspects of the program

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